Asbestos In Commercial Properties: Identification, Asbestos Abatement, Or Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos In Commercial Properties: Identification, Asbestos Abatement, Or Asbestos Removal

Did you buy a fixer-upper commercial property? If so, you likely intend to fix up the property. There are a number of things you should address before you start your commercial renovation. It is wise not to try to curb your costs by avoiding professional contractor services. Most jurisdictions have laws regarding permits and other actions that must be taken by property owners to legally renovate, add-on, or build new structures. Safety should be paramount, and it can help you avoid legal sanctions and other ramifications.

Some older properties have unsafe building materials. Most people know about the dangers of lead paint. However, certain toxic substances, such as asbestos, may be less familiar. Asbestos is a material that used to be added to a variety of building materials. The substance can still be found in some residential and commercial properties. One of the first things you should do is get your property tested.

Does a building or home with asbestos have to be demolished or condemned?

No. If it is found, do not be discouraged. There are options for asbestos removal or asbestos abatement. Removal will involve the safe extraction of all materials and appliances that have been identified as containing asbestos. The company that performs the inspection will notify you of where the material is located in your building. Do not attempt to remove the materials yourself. Exposure to the fibers from asbestos can lead to lung cancer. The materials should be safely removed by qualified individuals who have the safety training and protective gear to remove the toxic material.

The inspection will yield important information about the condition of the asbestos in your building. If the material is intact and undisturbed/damaged, an asbestos abatement might be an option. This process involves leaving the asbestos-containing materials installed and sealing or encapsulating them. This process ensures that the fibers cannot escape into the air. 

Are there things other than building materials that can be contaminated by asbestos?

Yes. The toxic substance has been found in old boilers, and it was commonly used to coat certain substances to make them fire-resistant. A professional asbestos inspector will be aware of potential sources and can check them. In the case of boilers, certain parts of a boiler might contain asbestos. These are usually parts such as gaskets and pipes. Repeated exposure to the high heat of the boiler can cause these parts to naturally deteriorate and leach asbestos. A boiler upgrade might be a good decision for this issue. Your abatement specialist can explain the best approach to making your property safe against the harmful effects of asbestos.

Contact a local asbestos abatement service to learn more.

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