Transformer Field Maintenance: Essential Things You Need To Know

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Transformer Field Maintenance: Essential Things You Need To Know

High voltage electrical equipment like transformers can be risky to businesses and human health. For example, research revealed companies globally had lost over $86 million in 2000 alone due to transformer failures. That's why prioritizing proper maintenance on such equipment is necessary to avoid preventable damage and losses. This post outlines essential insights into transformer field maintenance you may want to know.

Maintenance Delay Can Cause Severe Consequences

Regular transformer maintenance ensures the equipment functions optimally, giving users the services they need. Unfortunately, failure to do this can lead to unnecessary expensive repairs. It also increases the risk of financial and legal issues for high-voltage companies.

If you think short-term maintenance plans can cut expenses, you could be wrong and for a reason. For example, if your transformer fails due to a lack of proper maintenance, this could impact businesses that depend on the equipment. This can attract lawsuits, putting your company into a legal crisis.

The Transformer's Load Capacity Should Be Reasonable

Ensuring your transformer's load capacity is optimal reduces electrical issues, malfunctioning, and enhances its lifetime. That's why you shouldn't ignore checking the load capacity regularly. 

If you discover your transformer's load capacity isn't within the rated range, do not hesitate to consult an expert. A professional will inspect and fix any issue, ensuring further damage won't occur.

Magnetic Oil Gauge: Schedule for Maintenance

Checking the main tank and conservatory magnetic oil gauge should be a maintenance priority. You want to ensure the equipment's magnetic oil gauge level is optimal. Typically, the oil levels should be within the correct threshold for the transformer's smooth running.

You also want to hire an expert technician to conduct an annual inspection. They will do performance tests and check the drain valve to see if you need to replace the MOG. Your reliable professional understands safety practices and can also offer other essential services, including:

  • Leak checks
  • Leak repair
  • Controls and cooling fans installation
  • LTC control and transformer upgrades

Regular Open Circuit Tests

This is one of the most common issues you can expect from your transformer. In most cases, this may occur because of the internal coil or lead wire breaks. While diagnosing this problem may not be straightforward, a multimeter device can help. Taking the necessary measures without delays can prevent your transformer from experiencing more issues that could increase maintenance costs.


Transformers are valuable electrical equipment requiring regular maintenance to prevent potential damage that could increase repair costs. Partnering with reliable technicians could save you issues that you could avoid. Reach out to a professional who provides transformer field maintenance to learn more. 

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