Dealing With Dangerous Or Unwanted Trees

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Dealing With Dangerous Or Unwanted Trees

Trees are essential to the environment, and they can provide shade in the summer. But when a tree gets too large or very old, it can become a problem that needs to be dealt with. The best solution is to call a local tree service and have them help you with the tree. 

Consider the Options

If you are concerned about a tree on your property, getting a tree service to evaluate the condition of the tree is the first step. The biggest concern is the safety of the things around the tree, but you should also consider the health of the tree. Once a tree gets very large and old, the roots may not be able to support it anymore. Trimming the tree may be an option or complete removal of the tree may be necessary. 

Trim the Access

Trees that are healthy can withstand removal of a lot of the branches, so it is possible to trim the tree back to avoid a safety issue. Removing the branches over buildings and areas where people spend time can make the area safer, and over time the tree branches will grow back. If the tree is very old, the branches can be hard to trim and should be left to a tree service so that no one gets hurt during the pruning process.

Remove the Tree

Trees that have become a problem and are not healthy enough to be trimmed may need removing. This is a situation that requires professionals with the right tools and equipment to do the job properly.  Before the tree can be removed, the hanging branches need to be removed. A bucket truck is the safest way to reach those branches and remove them in small pieces. Once all the branches are cut, the tree service will cut the tree in sections and lower it to the ground carefully. 

Remove the Cuttings and Stump

The tree service can remove the tree after it is cut if you want them to. Often the cuttings are put through a large chipper that will reduce them to the pile of small wood chips and haul them away in a truck. The stump removal will require a company that specializes in that work and has the right machine to grind the stump into chips or sawdust and fills in the hole with the chips. Adding some soil to the hole will fill it in and create a spot in the yard that is great for planting flowers or other small plants.

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